Composed/Orchestrated for:


TELEVISION SERIES                     Blacke's Magic (NBC)
                                                            Murder, She Wrote (CBS)
                                                            Amazing Stories (NBC)
                                                            Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (CBS)
                                                            The Law and Harry McGraw (CBS)
                                                            Lady Blue (ABC)
                                                            For Love and Honor (ABC)
                                                            Last or Lost Frontier (Discovery Channel)
                                                            Space Capsules (Discovery Channel)
                                                            Unsold Pilots (Richard Dreyfuss)

TELEVISION FILMS                       Phantom of the Opera (CBS)
                                                            The Gambler II (NBC)
                                                            Dead Man's Folly (CBS)
                                                            September Gun (CBS)
                                                            Shadow on the Sun (CBS)
                                                            Something in Common (CBS)
                                                            A Greater Alarm (CBS)
                                                            Strange Voices (NBC)
                                                            The Spirit (NBC)
                                                            Mr. Boogedy (Disney)
                                                            Bride of Mr. Boogedy (Disney)
                                                            Return of the Shaggy Dog (Disney)
                                                            Perfectly Frank (Showtime)
                                                            Waiting to Act (Putch-Patrick)

FEATURE FILMS                            Smokey & the Bandit III (Universal)
                                                            Night Eyes (Filmtrust)

ART FILMS                                      Scratch Pad (Hy Hersch)
                                                            Home Movies (Garry Schyman)
                                                            Picture Windows (Sara Petty)
                                                            Little Space Man (Stuart Ellis)
                                                            Big Red Bear (Stuart Ellis)
                                                            Nosferatu (F. W. Murnau)
                                                            Regen (Mannus Franken + Joris Ivens)
                                                            New York (Unknown filmmaker)

SYMPHONIC WORK                      Suite from Strange Invaders from Outer Space
                                                                        The Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra
                                                                        Orchestrated for John Addison

PIANO CD                                         San Francisco! (CD Baby)